Dry Aging
Dry aging means that, immediately after harvesting, our beef hang in a refrigerated cooler, generally between 34 F and 38 F, where temperature and humidity are strictly controlled. Beef can be aged anywhere from a few days to as long as six weeks, with the average being around 10-18 days after harvest, in an effort to strike a balance between taste and storage costs. During this time moisture evaporates from the beef, leaving a greater concentration of rich, beefy flavor. In addition, the beef’s natural enzymes break down the more fibrous tissues, tenderizing the meat. . Aging is the natural process where time is used to create tenderness and flavor. Beef is placed in a temperature and humidity controlled “Aging” room where the natural enzymes in the meat work to create exceptional flavor and tenderness. All of our beef are dry-aged 10-18 days like butchers did 30 years ago. The reason we flash freeze our beef is to capture its fresh flavor and avoid adding preservatives or artificial colorings. Just one bite of our beef and you will understand why our slogan is:

“A Difference you can Taste”

Our customers deserve the best beef we can provide. One of the qualities that make our beef so delicious is the tenderness. We insure tenderness in a number of ways by choosing to deal with farmer and ranchers that have superior breeding program to select the best traits, to our feeding and weaning schedule. We also harvest our beef at a younger age than the national average. Our beef is harvested at 10-15 months on average. Natural Young Angus Beef comes from yearlings that weigh about 850 to 1000 pounds as compared to Industrial feed lot steers which weigh about 1600 pounds. Harvesting younger, smaller steers and the dry aging process are some of the keys to providing you with tender, delicious beef.

Marbling is the small white flecks of fat that appear throughout a cut of beef. As a general rule the more marbled the beef, the better the taste – and the higher it will be rated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Prime beef has the most marbling, Choice has less, and Select the least. As you would expect, the more desirable cuts (Filet, Ribeye, etc.) are those that contain the most marbling.

These three qualities (dry aging, tenderness, and marbling) create the quality beef that you can expect from Circle K’s Angus Farm. We take great strides is assuring that each quality is present in our beef, making it the naturally delicious product we guarantee to our customers. You are assured top quality from the hamburger to the t-bone steaks. Yes, even the pot-roast is great!

As mentioned, we take care and pride in the raising and finishing of our animals to obtain desirable quality. This means that beef may not always be available immediately, but you are welcome to place your order as a ‘reservation’ for your beef when it becomes available.

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