Circle K Pork Butchering Questions

Please respond to these questions. Please note that you only have a choice on the organ meat (liver) if you buy a whole hog.

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Hog # Whole Hog Half Hog
Type of cure: Salt Sugar
Ham: Whole Steaks Roast Cured
Pork Chops: Bone In Boneless
Chop Thickness: 1/2 inch 3/4 inch 1 inch Pkg. Qty.

Bellies: Fresh Bacon Sausage Cured Bacon
Pork Butts: Roast Steaks CSR* Sausage Cured
Ribs: Whole Split
Picnics: Roast Steaks Sausage Cured

Sausage: Hot Medium Mild Pkg. Size
Sausage Patties $ .75 ea extra: Yes No Thickness Pkg. Size
Sausage Links $1.59 a Lb: Polish Polish & Jalapeno Cheese Bratswurth
Fresh Smoked Sausage Summer Sausage # of LBs Pkg. Qty.

Do you want the Neckbone? Yes     Yes Cured     No
Do you want the liver (with whole hog purchase only)? Yes     No
Do you want Ground Pork? Yes No Pkg. SizeLB # of LBs
How Cures are to be Cut: Cures $ .79 a Lb extra
Special Request

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All information gathered on this form is considered private and will not be sold to a third party.

Please make sure all the information is correct. All butchering will be done according to the specifications on this form and cannot be changed after completion.


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