We need to discuss how you desire the meat to be cut and packaged and it will require a little bit of homework on your part. Beef animals are large with different cuts coming from different parts of the animal. You can’t expect to have 200 lbs of T-Bones, it is anatomically impossible. Here are the standard recommendations for cutting and packaging meats. I will need you to answer some questions. But first read these recommendations over:

Steaks 3/4 inch thick, two to a package (steaks can be 1″ but you will get fewer). If you are ordering a quarter only, we will need to match you with someone else who wants the same. Bear in mind that these bulls are only about half the size of industrial beef and that the steak diameter will be less than the industrial standard. “Tenderloin” is from the loin area — the same area that makes the Porterhouse, Rib eye and T-Bone Steaks.

If you ask for the tenderloin, you won’t get these steaks. No tenderloin orders in quarter orders, please. It becomes impossible for the butcher to divide the side fairly. You get T-Bone & Porterhouse Steaks or New York Strips & Filets but not both; you have to choose which type of steaks you want per half. If you order a whole beef you can have Porterhouses & T-Bones on one side and New York Strips & Filets on the other side. There is one Flank Steak per side. This Flank steak can be cut in half for quarter orders but it will be small. If you don’t want Flank Steak, it is usually put into hamburger. Ditto for the brisket.

Rib Steaks or Rib Roasts? There are 4 rib roasts per bull (2 to a side). Each roast can be cut into high quality steaks. Again, these roasts will be smaller because the animals are only 1/2 the size of industrial beef, so for quarter orders you need to choose either steaks or a single roast. Regular Roasts 3 lbs. (Chuck, Arm, Sirloin Tip, Rump, Eye of Round, Bottom Round). Chuck and Arm can also be prepared as high quality hamburger.

Bottom Round can be cut into cube steaks. If you are ordering a quarter only, I will need to match you with someone else who wants the same. Top Round can be cut into steaks or as a roast. I recommend steaks for baby beef which I slice thin and use in stir fry dishes. We can slice the tougher Bottom Round and tenderize it as cube steaks. So you can have bottom round as a pot roast or as cube steaks.

Hamburger 1 LB
Stew meat 1 LB
Short Ribs 1.5 to 2 LB

I suggest that those of you ordering “quarters” go with these standard recommendations. We must match you with another quarter order and this is possible only if your orders match and the sizes and cuts of meat are the same. A quarter beef is not “geographical” but we divide a side equally two ways so people are not stuck with a front or rear quarter. Get with family members or friends and order halves or a whole beef and make it simple. When you order a half or a whole beef this is not a problem. You can custom cut and package the meat to meet the needs of your family.

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