You will buy the pork by the hanging weight. We will furnish you with the Butcher’s receipt for the hanging weight that he charged us for the butchering. Our price includes Salt Cure or Sugar Cure of Hams & Bacon for:

$3.50/LB whole Hog, $3.95/LB 1/2 Hog @ the hanging weight from the butcher’s receipt. No hidden fees.

You are guaranteed that this is a 100% natural, Vegetable Diet Fed Pork from Circle K’s Angus Farm.

Beware of the low ball hanging weight type of deal. You think you are buying at a cheaper price and after all the fees are added you don’t get such a great deal. This is not a 100% grain fed animal, it is pasture fed and maybe fed some vegetables the last 2 to 3 weeks before going to the butcher. Plus you don’t know the age or the breed, this may be a 7 or 8 year old pasture & slop fed sow or boar that is no longer a productive member of the farm.

Hanging Hog Price = $2.25/LB.
One time kill fee = $30.00.
Butchering fee per lb hanging weight = $0.50/LB.
Processing fee = $45 and a $25 charge for handling weights over 100 lbs.
Transportation fee = $0.68 a mile or minimum charge of $85.00.
Don’t make this mistake.

Where else can you buy Vegetable Diet Fed Pork cut the way you want it for $3.50/LB whole Hog, $3.95/LB 1/2 Hog.

Your choice of the Old style Salt Cure or Sugar Cure for Hams & Bacon All prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing at the time your order is placed will apply.

Look at the price of pork in your local grocery store.

This is All Natural 100% Vegetable Diet Fed Pork

A deposit of $200 for a half and $300 for a whole guarantees your order with full payment due upon delivery.
Find a friend and go in together and buy one of these all natural hogs from Circle K’s Angus Farm.

Fill your freezer!!!

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