Grass Fed Beef from Arkansas

Circle K Angus Farm located in Arkansas near the heart of Little Rock is now providing the healthiest beef you can eat. We set out on a mission: which was to provide the highest quality, healthiest beef, at a reasonable enough price that it’s not just for the top 1% of the wealthy. We allow our stock in the Natural State of Arkansas to graze year around on plush grass forage without the use of chemical weed control or fertilizers. The benefits to raising grass fed animals on this type of pasture is the organic beef that is produced is healthier for us.  For example, compared with feedlot meat, meat from grass-fed beef has less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories. It also has more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and a number of health-promoting fats, including up to four times the omega-3 fatty acids and “conjugated linoleic acid,” or CLA. Our grass fed grass finished beef are also never given any antibiotic, hormones, supplement feed, or any type GMOs. We believe what you eat is either the cause or the cure for the sickness we face. At Circle K Angus Farm, we also want to provide you with not only the peace of mind that you are eating healthy grass fed grass finished beef from the farm to your table, but want the experience to be a pleasant one.  Since we are located centrally in Little Rock, Arkansas we offer a delivery service either to your city or a city near you for no additional fee. Our grass fed beef are usually raised to about 800lbs live weight, at which point they go to our USDA inspected processor. The beef will have a hanging weight of approximately  480 lbs. which is how we sell the beef. We charge $5.25 per lb of hanging weight by the ¼, ½, or whole beef and includes custom cut, vacuumed packaging, and our delivery service to a location near you.  Give us a call or order online today. Supplies are limited to how many animals are ready to be processed.