Yorkshire HogWe started raising hogs for the same reasons we got into raising Angus Beef. We wanted a healthier cut of pork to feed our family. It has been said that what you put in your body either causes disease or cures it. All the additives, chemical preservatives, growth hormones, artificial colorings and synthetic ingredients that are added to meat just can’t be healthy for us. We carefully select our hogs at weaning age from reputable ranches and family farms in our area. These producers are dedicated to bringing the very best, natural pork to your family’s table. After careful research we have decided to raise Yorkshires and Hampshire hogs.

Yorkshires are white in color, have erect ears and are known for their length of body, and high percentage of carcass weight in the ham and loin. They are the most recorded registered breed of swine in the United States and in Canada. The modern Yorkshire is very muscular, with a high proportion of lean meat and low backfat, in addition to being very sound and durable. The Yorkshire breed was developed in England in the county of York. Their mothering ability, larger litters, more length, more scale, and frame put them in great demand for hog producers across the USA. Breeders submitted over 440,000 growth and backfat records on feeder pigs and over 320,000 sow productivity records. This represents the largest documented performance records in the world.

Hampshire HogHampshire hogs are black with a white belt. They have erect ears. The belt is a strip of white across the shoulders that covers the front legs around the body. The Hampshire, which is a heavily muscled, lean meat breed, is the fourth most recorded breed of the pigs in the United States. The Hampshire breed is possibly the oldest, early-American breed of hogs in existence today. The Hampshire hog as we know it today, originated in southern Scotland and Northern England. This black animal with the distinct and unique white belt is still known universally as “The Mark of a Meat Hog”. Their ability to sire winning carcasses is unequalled and they continue to set the standard by which all other terminal sires are evaluated.

Yorkshire & Hampshire hogs are definitely unique animals when compared with traditional hogs you might see at a farm or pastures across the United States. They’re hardy, easy to raise, and provide healthy, high quality pork at a price our customers can afford.

vegetable diet fed Hogs produce the type of meat that American consumers have grown to love and expect: a tasty, marbled, tender meat with smooth, consistent flavor.

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