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Producing the highest quality beef & pork at a competitive price

Bringing natural fed beef and pork or grass fed beef to your family’s table.
We are now pleased to offer you your choice of grain fed beef or grass fed grass finished beef.

On our grain fed beef we buy only handpicked, good blood line animals from local ranchers and farmers at weaning age, start feeding an all vegetarian diet and raise them to approximately 1000lbs. These animals have access to pasture and feed year around and are not stuck in a small feed lot. Our feed is heavily scrutinized to try to produce the very best results for our customers. Our hogs are purchased at weaning age and raised in the same manner to approximately 280lbs.

Our grass fed grass finished beef are raised on the farm and are never supplement fed. We keep lush pastures free from chemicals and fertilizers as their only source of feed. See our Grass fed Beef page for more details.

Here at Circle K Angus Farm we believe in giving people a choice of better or best. Of course these terms are relative and can be assigned by the consumer in different ways. The best taste and tenderness or the best for overall health. Our animals whether they are grass fed or supplement fed are never given any antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, or go through any processing that would add chemicals or toxins to the meat. This means that the meat that comes from our farm either grass or supplement fed is a better alternative than the conventional beef at your grocery store. We let you decide what is best for you and your family.

All of our animals are processed humanely in a state-inspected plant. Our beef is dry aged and pork can be cured and then processed by certified butchers with years of experience. All meats are custom cut per order, vacuum-sealed for the freezer, flash frozen and ready for delivery to fit our customers needs.

All of our meat is dry-aged like butchers did 30 years ago. The reason we flash freeze our meat is to capture its fresh flavor and avoid adding preservatives or artificial colorings like supermarket meat that is wet aged in plastic bags.

We like our animals!! They are treated with utmost care and humane methods. They have covered protection from the weather, full shaded areas for exercise, feed, hay, and clean water 24/7. It’s pretty simple, when they do better, we do better.

Just one bite of our beef or pork and you will understand why our slogan is

A Difference You Can Taste